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Tabletop Solutions     as low as

Tabletop Solutions as low as


Find a tabletop plexiglass solutions used as protective shields (Sneeze Guards) for meeting rooms and tabletops where you and your collegues, staff, and students meet.  Great for school cafeteria tables. We've combined slotted protective panels to create protection for lunch, meetings, and guests.  Get the team back together with our tabletop solutions.



3 ft. Break Table includes (2) 24x32 Cross Panels

4ft. Meeting Table (Full) includes (2) 24x48 Cross Panels

5ft. Meeting Table includes (1) 24x48 Cross & (1) 24x60 Table Length Panels

6ft. Meeting Table includes (2) 24x48 Cross & (1) 24x72 Table Length Panels

8ft. Board Table includes (3) 24x48 Cross & (1) 24x94 Table Length Panels

4ft. Table Divider (1) 24x48 with (2) metal legs


We offer Plexiglass Sneeze Guards for Tables - Office Tabletops and School Tabletop Sneeze Guards, or Tabletop Shields which offer extra protection. Tabletop Sneeze Shields, Plastic Shields, and Acrylic/Plexiglass Shield available for pickup in St. Charles, IL.

  • Details

    3 ft. Break Table includes (2) 24x32 Cross Panels

    4ft. Meeting Table (Short) includes (1) 24x32 Cross Panel & (1) 24x48 Table Length Panels

    4ft. Meeting Table (Full) includes (2) 24x48 Cross Panels

    5ft. Meeting Table includes (1) 24x48 Cross & (1) 24x60 Table Length Panels

    6ft. Meeting Table includes (2) 24x48 Cross & (1) 24x72 Table Length Panels

    8ft. Board Table includes (3) 24x48 Cross & (1) 24x94 Table Length Panels

  • Tabletop Sneeze Guards

    CDC guidelines suggest wearing a mask, and social distancing. The addition of physical barriers in office or school settings, with a student tabletop shield, or sneeze guard can create separation when social distancing is not ideal. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms and offices is a must, but while students and workers are present, student tabletop shields,  tabletop sneeze shields and tabletop sneeze guards can be an effective addition to help stop or reduce the spread of germs by creating separation using the sneeze guard between student tables and office tables between colleagues, students and teachers. Creates a protective barrier to divide students and workers protection. We offer a variety of tabletop sneeze guards that fit standard school tables and office tables. The table sneeze guard can be disassembled and stored.  Some tabletop shields, or tabletop sneeze guards are slotted to fit together easily.

    Sneeze Guards are made of Plexiglass, aka Acrylic and are easy to maintain.  Use Plexiglass Cleaner for cleaning; do not use Window cleaner or other cleaners for Plexiglass.

    Strong and transparent Tabletop Shields or Tabletop Sneeze Guards are intended to provide an extra layer of protection for group gatherings. Sneeze guard protection for Back to School/Back to Office - create an extra protective barrier of protection between you, your colleagues, or students & teachers. Sneeze guard is transparent to keep interactions visible.

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