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Sneeze Dome - Desktop Sneeze Guard

Sneeze Dome - Desktop Sneeze Guard


Our desktop sneeze guard or "Sneeze Dome" is the only desktop shield with 4 way coverage.  Your child or student is protected in front, on both sides and from above.  Unlike any other desktop sneeze guard, our unique angled design allows the Sneeze Dome to extend beyond the child's head and shoulders, leaving plenty of room to comfortably study, use a computer,  or enjoy lunch or a snack without exposure to others.  When installed properly (approximately 6" from the front edge of the child's desk) the sides and "roof" extend around and over the child's chair.  Built with 20" sides, the combined width of the dome is over 60 inches.  The height is 6" at the front of the dome, increasing to 20" at it's peak, leaving plenty of room for the child to comfortably sit beneath it.  Dimensions are 23-33"W x 20"H x 20"D.  Width is expandable.


Made of super transparent PET plastic, the dome is constructed of a single piece of material, cut and folded for shipment.  The Sneeze Dome is easily assembled by attaching Velcro strips to the roof and sides.  Crystal clear view makes for easy interaction between students and teachers.  Creases in the front corners allow the sides to spread out at the opening to provide plenty of shoulder space and comfort.  Intended for K-5 students.  Also a good option for children with special needs, where mask wear isn't feasible.  The Sneeze Dome offers the most complete coverage for the student, and provides the only viable solution for protection and mask relief during lunch or snack time.

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