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Cough Box - Three Models as low as

Cough Box - Three Models as low as


The Cough Box Brand

We now offer 3 unique Cough Box panels to meet your specific needs!

1) The Original Cough Box for K-5 elementary aged students, is offered with or without handles, depending on your intended use,

2) The Cough Box XL for Middle and High School students, is larger (24" tall) and attaches to standard school desks and tables and,

3) The Cough Box Max, also for Middle and High School students, is large (24" tall), portable and suitable for all classroom and lab tables, and office settings.


Your Personal, Portable, and Affordable protective desktop shield solution for school, work, and other public places. Solid, one piece construction, folds and stores easily! 


Product Details    


Original Cough Box™️ , 4 panel, foldable, portable protective panel, Dim 20"Wx16"Hx10"D, Made of Polypropylene, Best for PreK-5th Grade, With or W/O Handle


Cough Box XL, 3 panel, stationary protective panel, Dim 23"Wx24"Hx16"D, Made of PET, Best for 6th Grade-College, Affix to Desk or Table with Velcro (provided), No Handles


Cough Box Max, 3 panel, foldable, portable protective panel, Dim 23"Wx24"Hx19"D, Made of 1.55mm PET, Best for 6th Grade thru College, 3 (three) Clips included to attach to desk, Handles make it portable.


Portable sneeze guard for school desk and work. Folding Sneeze Guard.  Portable Sneeze Guard.  Ships flat - Simple assembly required - Wash with soap and water.  Original Cough Box comes with velcro to make folding and storing easy.  Also includes velcro strips to attach to the desktop.  Your best low cost option!



  • More Details

    CDC guidelines suggest wearing a mask, and social distancing. The addition of physical barriers in office or school settings, with a student desktop shield, or sneeze guard can create separation when social distancing is not ideal. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms is a must, but while students are present, student desktop shields, or sneeze guard can be an effective addition to help stop or reduce the spread of germs by creating separation using the sneeze guard between student desks and other students and teachers. Creates a protective barrier to divide students. The sneeze guard fits standard school desks and attaches with Velcro to the desktop. The Original Cough Box sneeze guard is lightweight, portable and foldable, and fits in the student desk or backpack. Student desktop shield, or sneeze guard comes with or without handles depending on desired portability.

    The Original Cough Box is ideal for daycare, K-5 elementary student desktop. Desktop shield dimensions 20”W x 16”H x 10”D. We've recently introduced the Cough Box XL and Cough Box Max to support Middle and High Schools. Each sneeze guard includes a sticker for personal identification. Cough Box Student Sneeze Guards are made of durable Polypropylene or PET, and easy to clean.

    Offering a 10% discount on 40 or more. Use Coupon code "CB10PERCENT". Portable, Personal, Strong and Lightweight Desktop Shield or Student Sneeze Guard to protect yourself on the go! Sneeze guard protection for Back to School - Create an extra protective barrier between you, other students & teachers. Sneeze guard is transparent to keep interactions between students and teacher visible.

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